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About Us

The Institute of International Peace Leaders – IIPL is an International organisation dedicated to promote Peace and Security, across the World, taking into consideration the UN Sustainable Development Goals with special consideration to SDG 16…. Ream More

Projects & campaigns

Advocacy or raising awareness is the first step to start localizing the SDGs. The idea is to communicate to local office bearers the importance of the new agenda and apprise them of the critical role of their decisions in achieving the SDGs.. Visit Page

A human rights based approach means that individuals and communities should know their rights. It also means that they should be fully supported to participate in the development of policy and practices which affect their lives and to claim rights where necessary. Visit Page

Let’s walk and talk about peace and for peace. Raise your voice together and step for positive change in communities. Visit Page

Free legal aid is provided to ensure that opportunities for justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities. Visit Page

The IIPL Chairman, Muhammad Atta Ur Rehman instructed the country Director Pakistan to put his all efforts in health relief especially the children. He will oversee and monitor emergency activities in his relevant division, supervise the district-level health system, and provide logistic support to the homeless and affected population. Visit All Health Relief Activities by IIPL

IIPL Peace missions

Institute of International Peace Leaders organizes peace missions to different countries to discuss peace-building, social and cultural interaction and inter religious harmony.

2nd IIPL Peace Mission from 14-20 November, 2022 including International Humanitarian and Peace Leaders Conference on 17th November in Baku. 

IIPL Peace Mission to Geneva is in continuous to institute’s International Peace Convoy to different countries. 

Conferences and Webinars

Institute of International Peace Leaders organizes conferences, seminars, International Peace Convoys and different events from time to time to promote and to achieve its objectives. IIPL Peace Fellow Dinner is one of the famous program with purpose to make interaction with personalities from different professions.

February 25 at 11:00 AM
Pakistan National Council of Arts Islamabad

August 10 at 08:00 PM

Islamabad Club

activities and programs


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Online Courses

Institute of International Peace Leaders provides online courses, training and lectures to boost knowledge and skills of its members from time to time through its professionals, IIPL leaders and in collaboration with different university professors and international institutions.  

In progress
In partnership with Antarctic Institute of Canada

Participants will understand Universal Human Rights and their implementation

Weekly meetings which goes for one month in August weekly mandatory meetings 9:30 am mst.

Institute of International Peace Leaders

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Institute of International Peace Leaders

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Institute of International Peace Leaders is going to organize it's 3rd International Humanitarian and Peace Conference on Environmental Justice and Building Health Education and Food