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Institute of International Peace Leaders is working to promote peace, advocating sustainable development, protecting universal human rights, creating inter-religious harmony and taking actions on climate change.
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About Us

The Institute of International Peace Leaders – IIPL is an International organisation dedicated to promote Peace and Security, across the World, taking into consideration the UN Sustainable Development Goals with special consideration to SDG 16…. Ream More

Projects & campaigns

Advocacy or raising awareness is the first step to start localizing the SDGs. The idea is to communicate to local office bearers the importance of the new agenda and apprise them of the critical role of their decisions in achieving the SDGs.. Visit Page

A human rights based approach means that individuals and communities should know their rights. It also means that they should be fully supported to participate in the development of policy and practices which affect their lives and to claim rights where necessary. Visit Page

Let’s walk and talk about peace and for peace. Raise your voice together and step for positive change in communities. Visit Page

ONE NATION – ONE VOICE project shall give the message of hope to that nation who was declared terrorist, barred from getting visas, lost its self-esteem. Visit Page

Free legal aid is provided to ensure that opportunities for justice are not denied to any citizen by reason of economic or other disabilities. Visit Page

activities and programs

IIPL Peace missions

Institute of International Peace Leaders organizes peace missions to different countries to discuss peace-building, social and cultural interaction and inter religious harmony.

IIPL Peace Mission to Italy is being organized in partnership with Studio Vanetti. Mission wil…..

IIPL Peace Mission to Geneva is in continuous to institute’s International Peace Convoy to different countries. 


Institute of International Peace Leaders organizes conferences, seminars, International Peace Convoys and different events from time to time to promote and to achieve its objectives. 

February 25 at 11:00 AM
Pakistan National Council of Arts Islamabad


Syrian War: A History and Overview on Humanitarian Crisis By Jannat Irfan and Dr. Austin Mardon Entire cities were levelled, hospitals were targeted, historic monuments ...
Are Continuum Robots created looking at Elephant trunk Physiology? By Jannat Irfan and Dr. Austin Mardon Elephants are the only terrestrial animals with a trunk ...
The Impact of the COVID-19 Lock-down on the Levels of Anxiety and Depression of Pregnant Women Leading to Cognitive Disorders in the Fetus By Hareem ...
The Effects of Physical Child Abuse on Mental Health in Pakistan By Hareem Bilal and Dr. Austin Mardon Around the world, child abuse has been ...

Online Courses

Institute of International Peace Leaders provides online courses, training and lectures to boost knowledge and skills of its members from time to time through its professionals, IIPL leaders and in collaboration with different university professors and international institutions.  

In progress
In partnership with Antarctic Institute of Canada

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