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Institute of International Peace Leaders is working to promote peace, advocating sustainable development, protecting universal human rights, creating inter-religious harmony and taking actions on climate change.

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Kenneth George Wincorn
International Executive Director

Dragana Trifkovic
International Executive Director

Fabio Carbone
International Executive Director

John Raciti

John G. Raciti
International Executive Director

Dr. Uswa Shahabaz
International Executive Director COVID-19 & Mental Health

Dr. Faycal Tahiri
International Executive Director Healthcare Outreach

Sarfraz Ali Korejo
International Executive Director

Dr. Nahed Al-husaini
International Executive Director

Tom Duggan
International Executive Director

Dr. George Onsy
International Executive Director


IIPL We believe on the proposition that a world without violent conflict is possible, practical, and essential for global security and without sustainable peace, there is no concept of development, nature and harmony.


IIPL brings volunteers around the world and honors them as International Peace Leaders and National Ambassadors. A blend of policy research, strategic analysis, publishing and collection, IIPL helps develop the skills and knowledge of its International Peace leaders for effectiveness, peace promotion and harmony.

IIPL International Peace Convoy

IIPL International Peace Convoy is promoting peace and coexistence through a group of humanitarian around the world. International Peace Convoy visits different countries to show solidarity, promote peace and participate in cultural activities. The first International Peace Convoy visited Pakistan for 10 day which included goodwill ambassadors from fifteen countries. Click Here

International peace leaders conference

IIPL organized its first conference on 25th February, 2020 at Pakistan National Council of Arts, Islamabad, Pakistan. The theme of the conference was, “WATERING THE FIELDS OF HUMANITY” based on the research and documentary of Professor Liz Greenwell, New Zealand.

IIPL Partners

Climate Change Knowledge & Actions

To take proper, visible actions, It is important for world leaders, organizations, and individuals to have basic know ...For more details, please Click Here

National Legal-aid Progam

Legal Aid implies giving free legal services to the poor and needy who cannot afford the services of a lawyer for the conduct. IIPL brings together such lawyers who show their commitment towards program. Click Here

Verified Volunteers Program

IIPL Verified Volunteer Program’s vision is to develop an actionable, skilled, compassionate team of volunteers to make positive difference and to create peaceful and sustainable communities. Click Here

  • Awareness of UN SDGs
  • Awareness of Human Rights
  • Walk & Talk for Peace

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