Institute of International Peace Leaders

Institute of International Peace Leaders

A think tank which promotes innovation, value-based approach to peace-building through creating strategies, policies, techniques and approach to critical thinking for peace.

About IIPL

The Institute of International Peace Leaders (IIPL) stands as a beacon of hope in the realm of peace-building and global harmony. Established in October, 2019 as an independent think tank, IIPL operates without affiliation to any specific political party, ideology, or religious sect. Its activities are driven by a mission to serve the public good rather than financial gain., IIPL embodies the ethos of non-partisanship, non-politicalism, non-sectarianism, and non-profit pursuit of peace. IIPL functions as an independent think tank, implying that it conducts research, analysis, and advocacy on peace-related issues free from external influence or bias.


At its core, IIPL is committed to advancing peace-building initiatives through innovative strategies and a value-based approach. Through rigorous research, analysis, and advocacy, IIPL seeks to foster an understanding of the root causes of conflicts and promote sustainable solutions that prioritize human rights, justice, and equality.

Why Institute of International Peace Leaders

International Presence

The institute's international presence allows for collaboration and exchange of ideas among peace leaders, policymakers, and scholars from diverse backgrounds and regions.
IIPL Executive Board
Goodwill Ambassadors
IIPL National Youth Leaders

Peace Convoy

The International Peace Convoy of the institute mobilizes global individuals and organizations to advocate for peace and aid conflict-affected communities. Through humanitarian missions, peace projects, and awareness campaigns, it fosters dialogue, reconciliation, and positive change in conflict zones.

Track II Diplomacy

The institute's involvement in Track II Diplomacy provides a platform for informal dialogues and exchanges between conflicting parties, complementing official diplomatic efforts and fostering dialogue, reconciliation, and positive change.

Skill Development

IIPL provides a range of online and on-campus courses and workshops tailored to enhance the skills of our members. Short Courses and Workshops
Online Courses Academy

National Youth Clubs

The National Youth Club engages young people in peace education, advocacy, and action, empowering them to become agents of positive change and fostering a culture of peace within communities.

Research and Publication

The institute offers research and publication opportunities, enabling scholars and practitioners to contribute to academic discourse and inform policy and practice in the field of peacebuilding and conflict resolution.

Learn Japanese Language in Three steps

Step One – Two months Beginners Course (Level A1)
– Zoom Course by Professor Dr. Ryo Takahashi –

Step Two – One month in-person Intermediate Course 

– Classes in Islamabad by Professor Dr. Ryo Takahashi

Step Third– Two months on-campus expert course  

– Classes in Japan by Nippon Institute Japan
– Certificate upon Completion

International Peace Leaders Conferences

The International Peace Leaders Conference serves as a platform for thought-provoking discussions, collaborative initiatives, and innovative solutions to pressing global challenges.

Participants will have the opportunity to engage with renowned speakers, participate in interactive workshops, and network with peers from around the world.

Domenico Terenzio - IIPL Track II Diplomat Italy

Track II Diplomats

IIPL Track II Diplomats play a valuable role in complementing official diplomatic efforts, offering flexible, creative, and people-centered approaches to addressing conflicts and promoting peace.

“Unseen architects of harmony, peace and development, the Track Two Diplomats of the Institute of International Peace Leaders. They navigate political labyrinths, fostering dialogue and reconciliation in conflict zones. With no political or religious affiliations, they champion human rights, justice, and equality. They’re the silent warriors, turning tides through innovative strategies, skill development, and value-based approaches. The Institute of International Peace Leaders, building bridges where walls once stood.

Articles published aurthored by students, professionals, and field experts, covering diverse topics.
authors contributed from diverse countries
members global network of Track II Diplomats, Humanitarian Peace Leaders, and National Youth Leaders
Report published titled Passion Reborn having all activities of Institute from November 2019 to January 2023. Download

Articles and Publications

If you're passionate about making a difference and sharing your insights, submit your articles for publication on our platform. Let's work together to inspire positive change and promote a more peaceful and sustainable world.

IIPL empowers aspiring young writers to contribute their voices on critical global issues. We welcome articles on sustainable development, human rights, climate change, international relations, leadership, and diplomacy.


"Innovative Solutions for SDGs"

Writers can present innovative solutions, technologies, or approaches that address specific SDG targets or challenges, demonstrating how creativity and innovation can drive progress towards sustainable development.

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