Institute of International Peace Leaders

Honorable Ambassador of Azerbaijan Called on a Delegation of IIPL

A delegation of Institute of International Peace Leaders called on His Excellency Khazar Farhadov, Honorable Ambassador of the Republic of Azerbaijan in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan to discuss 2nd IIPL International Humanitarian and Peace Leaders Conference on Environmental Justice – Building Resilience in Times of Climate Catastrophe on 17th November, 2022 in Baku Azerbaijan and Peace Mission to Baku on 14-20 November. The IIPL delegation includes Muhammad Atta ur Rehman Chairman, Ch Kharayat Hussain IIPL Ambassador to United Nations, Mian Muhammad Rauf International Executive Director, Kausar Ali Dewan IIPL Goodwill Ambassador, Sir Imdad Hussain, Miss Koonj, Muhammad Usman and others. The delegation presented a shield of Pakistan Azerbaijan Friendship to the honorable Ambassador.