Institute of International Peace Leaders

Institute of international peace leaders

"Empowering Leaders, Building Bridges, Creating Peaceful Communities."

iipl logo POLICY

Logos are a point of identification; they’re the symbol that individuals use to recognize your brand and organization. Because a good logo is a visual, aesthetically pleasing element, it triggers positive recall about your brand that the name of your company or organization alone might not.


IIPL logo is designed to best represent its aims and objectives of Peace and Security, Sustainable Development, Climate Change, Harmony and Human Rights.

IIPL LOGO description

Circle: Circle represents world and or our earth that’s why it is designed in circular format


  1. Sky blue color is used by United Nations and it shows IIPL supports UN agenda.
  2. Sky-blue color, with blue color circles circulating it, represents sky which resembles with Ozon Layer. Climate Change is basically to protect Ozon Layer.

Inner White Circle: Inner white circle represent our beloved Earth and white color is color of Peace and Security.

Peace Dove: Peace Dove is a symbol of peace and leaves in her mouth represents security, development and it is shown in the logo like peace dove is moving freely in the Earth to show Harmony, Freedom, Equality and Human Rights.

Wheat Leaves: Wheat Leaves represent sustainable development is very necessary for survival of this Earth.

IIPL Name and Acronym: Institute of International Peace Leaders name and acronym are presented like surrounding these all items show support of institute and commitment towards UN Sustainable Development Goals, Human Rights, Harmony, Climate Change and Peace and Security. The name and acronym is specifically written with blue background to show that institute supports UN vision, mission and objective.

use of iipl logo

Institute of International Peace Leaders logo can be used by its partner organizations, directors and goodwill ambassadors on social media posts, banners and in any activity which is according to objectives of institute. The color of the text is CYAN.
The logo can be displayed in following styles and formats:

Single Logo:

Single Logo can be used in a circular format or style.

Logo (above) with Title Text in Single Line

A sample of logo above the text in one line.

Logo (above) with Title Text in Two Lines

A sample of logo above the text in two lines.

Logo (Leftside) with Title Text

A sample of logo with logo on leftside and the title text on the right side in two lines.