Institute of International Peace Leaders

national youth leaders

Membership Benefits and Criteria

Membership Benefits


– Discounts on training: Discounted rates on our unique training courses, capacity building, career development, and consultation.
– Discounts on Events and conferences – receive discounted prices for tickets and invitations to member only events and forums.
– Free Entry to certain IIPL Conferences

Mentorship & Funding Opportunities

– Soft skills Development Training
– Leadership Development


– Technical skills Development Training
– Entrepreneurship Training & Promotion of your current Startup / Business / Venture /


– Through networking, you get to meet like-minded individuals who can mentor and support you not
only just in your endeavors but your personal and career goals and development.
– We connect you with our global community of young leaders, educators, and innovators, especially in finding you a mentor for your project.
– You will get an opportunity to learn about global education innovations that are helping the youth to flourish and create your own.

Interactive Learning Activities

– Access to scholarships and internships.
– Access to professional development resources to enhance skills and knowledge.
– Participation in advocacy-related activities and education conferences: chance to make a change.
– Influence – lobby and advocate nationally and internationally. Be recognized for your contribution towards continental and global agendas (Agenda 2030, SDGs, etc.)


The age of applicant would not exceed 32 years.

Have valid National Identity Card; CNIC or NICOP or any other authentic national identity. 

Have enough education to read and write in Urdu language.