Institute of International Peace Leaders

Awareness Session on Women and Child Rights in Peshawar Pakistan by Dr. Zamir Fatima

Dr. Zamir Fatima Women Director Khyberpakhtun Khwa with her team madam Hoor Malik, madam Ruqia Nadeem, madam Asia Alam and others organized an awareness session on women and children rights and how to protect them in BHU, Badhni Union Council, Dalazak Road Peshawar. Government Officer Mr. Asfand Yard, Mr. Zahirullah, child rights activist Mr. Tariq Iqbal, all Lady Health Visitors – LHVs, Lady Health Workers – LHWs and all other staff gave a very worm welcome to IIPL KPK team. Many women along with children were present in this awareness  session. Dr. Fatima introduced herself, her team and briefly explained IIPL Aims and objectives. She told participants their rights and said that all human beings are born free and equal without any discrimination, having equal rights of life, growth, living, food, nutrition, security, health and freedom of education etc and are protected equally before the law. Everyone is entitled to these rights without any discrimination. She told the importance of women as an essence of being a woman. A woman is playing a major roll in our society in developing her family. She is an affectionate mother, a devoted wife, a caring daughter, a trustworthy sister, a loyal friend, same time apart from it playing key role in the socio-economic development of the society. So it is necessary that she is given all the rights to live with dignity and self-respect, primarily means to provide protection to the wife or female living in the house from domestic violence from the hands of the husband or their relatives. The law also extends protection to women living in household such as sister widows or mother. A wife has the rights to live with the same life style that her husband and other male family members are enjoying. She also has right to live free from any mental or physical torture. Rights for the maintenance of children.
Following are the laws and articles for their protections.
1-Laws for the Prohibition of Child Marriage 2006
2- Special Marriages Act 1954
3- Dowry Prohibition Act 1961
4- Maternity Benefits Act 1861
5 – Sexual Harassment of Women at Work Place Prohibition ND Red Ressel Act 2013
6- Protection Against Harassment of Women at the Workplace (Amendment) Act
According to United Nations charter following articles has given rights to the women and children to protect themselves before the law:
Article 15(3) makes it possible for the state to create special provision for the protecting the interests of women and children.
Article 32 makes special provision for the representation of women in local government
Article 34 directs the state to take appropriate measures to enable women to participate in all spheres of life and social activities
Article 35 asks the state to protect the marriage, the family, the mother and the child.
RA 9710 is a comprehensive women rights law that seeks to eliminate discrimination through recognition, protections, protection fulfillment and promotion of rights. Violence against women center VAWC was established on 25th March 2o17 inaugurated by CM Punjab for protection of women against violence Act 2016 aims to protect women from domestic violence and harassment. Now the new law drafted by the ministry of human rights with extensive input from human rights groups and lawyers amends the weaker 2010 law 20 Jan 2022, The Women Protection Bill TAHAFAZ -E- NISSWAN was passed by National Assembly of Pakistan in 15 Nov 2006 is an attempt to amend the heavily criticized 1979 Hadood Ordinance which government punished for Rape & adultery in Pakistan.
What are current women issues?
1-The lack of women in positions of power
2- Patriarchy
3- not enough women power at the table
4- Sexism, racism, economic inequality
5- Trauma centered feminism 
6- Excess to equal opportunity
7- lack of respect to care giving
8- Navigating career and motherhood .
What are the problems with women facing today regarding their rights ?
Today gender base continues to create huge barriers for many women on going struggles include ensuring educational equality and on gender based violence (18 jan2019) .
How does feminism fight for? In general feminism can be seen as a movement to put on end to sexism sexist exploitation and oppression to achieve full gender equality in law and practice. Now Punjab Police women safety android application is an ideal approach and easy approach to law enforcement and women protection agencies for women.
Though this session was a little bit lengthy but was very much informative. All participants have shown lot of interest. At the end they thanked to IIPL for such beneficial and informative awareness session on their rights and protection. IIPL KPK team thanked to BHU staff for their co-operation.