Institute of International Peace Leaders

Institute of international peace leaders

"Empowering Leaders, Building Bridges, Creating Peaceful Communities."


24-29 September, 2022

What Mission will Do?

Day First:
Guests of Honor Municipality of Marentino
– Honey Fair 2022 (theme: Peace)
– “Casa Zuccala” guests for the Holistic Day.

Day Second:
-Inauguration of the Honey Fair
– Greetings from the Authorities
10 am Opening Holistic Day at Casa Zuccala organized by Studio Vanetti of Laura Vanetti
-Visit the Aromatic Herb Gardens
-h. 12:30 Lunch at Casa Zuccala
-Conference on INSTITUTE OF INTERNATIONAL PEACE LEADERS at the Municipality of Marentino
-Performance by Maurizio Scarpa’s Sound Therapy Center at “Casa Zuccala”

Day Thrid and Fourth: 
IIPL Conference

Day Fifth:
-Metting with NGO representatives and organizations and authorities

What Package Includes:
  • Invitation and Visa Assistance
  • Hotel 
  • Food
  • Local Transportation
  • IIPL Conference Certificate
  • Guest of Honors in Municipality of Turin Program
  • Musical Concerts and many more
Under Supervision and Guidance of
Laura Vanetti
International Executive Director
Department of Sustainable Tourism IIPL
Managing Director
Studio Vanetti ITaly
For Booking, Please Email at or Whatsapp at 00923026394440