Institute of International Peace Leaders

AIC RIIPEN Book Writing Program

Institute of International Peace Leaders joins hands with Antarctic Institute of Canada to facilitate its AIC RIIPEN Book Writing Program.  To better help students build a relevant portfolio targeted to their desired field, the AIC and IIPL now give students the opportunity to pitch their own book outlines and article ideas. While our focus largely remain on the academic world, this flexibility has produced unique books, articles and projects. 

AIC RIIPEN Book Writing Program is open for students who wish to improve their writing skills. Institute of International Peace Leaders is authorized 10 students to participate in this program. 

This project runs February 1st -28th. Students will spend 4 weeks doing self-directed work for a total of 80 hours to research and write two (2) complete submissions that will form part of a collaborative book. These submissions taken together will amount to a finalized deliverable of a minimum 3000-word article. 

[2] IIPL team of approximately 10 individuals will work live out of a Google document. This is a requirement of the project. We will share access with email in due course. For now, press start on the project on your Riipen project page. 

[3] Project will be supervised by Dr. Austin Mardon President Antarctic Institute of Canada through infrequent periodic zoom meetings.

Enrollment Procedure:

Interested students are requested to send their CV, profile picture and short bio at

Final list of participants selected by IIPL will be available on institute website on 30th January, 2023. 

About AIC

The Antarctic Institute of Canada (AIC) is a non-profit Canadian charity organization founded in 1985 by former Antarctic researcher, Dr. Austin Mardon. The organization originally aimed to lobby Canada’s Federal government to increase Canadian research in Antarctica. However, AIC slowly diversified and initiated programs for students to publish Antarctic research in newspapers and academic journals.


These days, the AIC supports academic writing, research, and multimedia in many fields, expanding far beyond the organization’s original focus on Antarctica. While the AIC runs many different programs, such as Riipen and Venture for Canada, this writing and research is primarily facilitated through a summer program funded by Canada Summer Jobs. This summer program empowers individuals under 30 to build up their resume with publications and experience.