Institute of International Peace Leaders


National Youth Leaders

Young people work towards conflict prevention, build peace during conflict, deliver humanitarian support, and participate in post-conflict peace, truth and reconciliation processes. IIPL indulges youth as National Youth Leaders and provides training and different opportunities to develop their leadership skills.

Access to education is fundamental for facilitating young people's positive engagement in peace.

- spaces to express their opinions
- Enhance the peace-building knowledge and skills
- Promote intergenerational exchange


IIPL Peace Conference

IIPL organizes national and international level conferences, seminars and training sessions to discuss

UN SDGs, Universal Human Rights, Peace & Security and Climate Change

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Humanitarian and Social Aid

IIPL Humanitarian Peace Leaders, Goodwill Ambassadors and Youth Leaders provide humanitarian and social aid to communities and in disasters.

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About iipl
IIPL engrosses and organizes a global network

IIPL is an international non-partisannon-politicalnon-sectarian and non-profit independent think tank which promotes innovation, value-based approach to peace-building through creating strategies, policies, techniques and approach to critical thinking for peace.


IIPL brings volunteers around the world and honors them as International Peace Leaders and National Ambassadors. A blend of policy research, strategic analysis, publishing and collection, IIPL helps develop the skills and knowledge of its International Peace leaders for effectiveness, peace promotion and harmony.


At IIPL, We believe on the proposition that a world without violent conflict is possible, practical, and essential for global security and without sustainable peace, there is no concept of development, nature and harmony.

IIPL Online Courses

IIPL provides a platform for online free courses and certification.

Training and Workshops

IIPL provides in campus or in person training or diploma programs.


IIPL Peace Missions and Conferences

Awareness Sessions

IIPL organizes regular awareness sessoins on different topics


IIPL Medical Camp and Food Distribution in Goth Laghari Sindh

A medical camp and food distribution campaign is organized today in Goth Laghari, Sindh, Pakistan...

IIPL Medical Camp and Food Distribution in Panhwar and Golabagri Goths Sindh

IIPL Medical Camp and Food Distribution in Panhwar and Golabagri Goths Sindh Another free medical...

IIPL Free Medical Relief Camp in KHIPRO Sindh

IIPL Free Medical Relief Camp in KHIPRO Sindh Another medical relief camp by Institute of...

Food Distribution in Usman Machhi Goth

Food Distribution in Usman Machhi Goth Institute of International Peace Leaders team in collaboration with...

Workshops, Training and Seminars

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