Institute of International Peace Leaders

Institute of International Peace Leaders (IIPL) Delegation Engages in Productive Dialogue with Moroccan Ambassador to Strengthen Bilateral Relations

Islamabad, May 7, 2024 (IIPL News Updates) – The Institute of International Peace Leaders (IIPL) delegation, led by Chairman Muhammad Atta ur Rehman, Secretary Program and Project Management IIPL Sheraz Ali, and National Youth Leader Ahmad Mustafa, convened a fruitful meeting with His Excellency Mohammed Karmoune, the Honorable Ambassador of the Kingdom of Morocco to Pakistan.
During the cordial discussions, both parties emphasized their shared commitment to addressing pressing global challenges, including climate change and disaster management, while simultaneously seeking to bolster bilateral relations between Pakistan and Morocco. The meeting served as a significant milestone in fostering greater understanding and collaboration between the two nations.
The IIPL delegation articulated its peace mission to Morocco, which seeks to promote peaceful dialogue, cultural exchange, and people-to-people connections. This initiative aligns seamlessly with the IIPL’s overarching objective of advancing international peace and conflict resolution.
The engagement underscored the mutual interests of the IIPL and the Moroccan Embassy in facilitating meaningful exchanges and cooperation on various fronts. The parties expressed optimism about the potential for future collaborations aimed at promoting mutual understanding and harmony.
The IIPL delegation’s visit to Morocco represents a pivotal step towards strengthening diplomatic ties and fostering a culture of peace and cooperation between Pakistan and Morocco. As the delegation continues its peace mission, it endeavors to contribute positively to global peace efforts and build bridges of understanding between nations.