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March 22 -
BBQ Village Queens Corp 181-12 Hillside Avenue
Queens, NY 11433 New York, USA

Institute of International Peace Leaders SIDE EVENT for
2023 UN Water Conference

Climate resilient and clean water solutions pakistan

IIPL Side Event for UN Water Conference &



Pakistan is facing a number of water-related challenges, including water scarcity, pollution, and the impacts of climate change. These challenges are threatening the country’s ability to provide clean water for its growing population and to support its economic development. It is becoming increasingly important to develop new solutions that are both resilient to these challenges and that also promote clean water for all.


– To bring together experts and stakeholders from a variety of fields, including water management, technology, and policy, to share knowledge and ideas about solutions for a more sustainable future in Pakistan
– To showcase innovative approaches to water management in Pakistan, including new technologies and practices for rainwater harvesting, wastewater treatment, desalination, green infrastructure, and more
– To discuss the challenges and opportunities in implementing these solutions in Pakistan, including regulatory and policy barriers, financing,

and community engagement
– To promote collaboration and partnerships between stakeholders in Pakistan, including government agencies, NGOs, and the private sector, to advance water action and create a more sustainable future
– To provide a forum for participants to network, share their experiences, and explore new ideas and opportunities for water action in Pakistan
– To inform and inspire action by governments, businesses, and communities in Pakistan to ensure clean water and a more resilient future.

Implementation, Follow-up Mechanism and Governance: 1- In Province of Sindh & Balochistan through Deep penetrating well techniques, we will Save Billions Dollar value’s Water Every Year. 2- In developed countries, pressurized irrigation & deep penetrating well systems are more common for horticulture (fruit trees, grape vines, vegetables), and higher-value and more-waterlogging-sensitive staple food and fiber crops such as maize, soybeans, and cotton However, a wide range of crops, including rice and wheat, and pastures are also grown under this systems. 3- Through deep well & adoption of pressurized irrigation technologies leads to significant real water savings & Soil Fertility in Higher. 4- The Structure of deep well is about 2 feet width & 100 feet depth steel small Pores net with surrounding concrete boundary. 5-Through public private partnership, Government of Pakistan should establish Deep penetrating wells (Soil drill depth – 100 ft) in Flood Flow areas on Urban & Rural Development Areas. 6- Through public private partnership, Government of Pakistan should Developed small Dams / Water Storage Areas & Sindh Barrage on urgent need basis for storage of Flood water & save this flood water drainage into Indus River.
7- Government of Pakistan should maintain this flood water into Indus river Basin through Barrages. 8- Maintenance of water level in Indus River through Barrages & In Sindh, Sindh Barrage should mandatory developed in Thatta. 9- Government of Pakistan should mobilize NGOs, Government Departments & Research Institutes to launch Plant Drive Activities.


Bruce Knotts - USA

High impact career as a human rights advocate, including service in the US State Department with diplomatic assignments worldwide. Currently direct the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, providing human rights advocacy at the United Nations. Co-chair of the UN Non-Governmental Organizations Committee on Human Rights; chair of the NGO Committee on Disarmament, Peace and Security; and member of the Board of the NGO UN Committee on Sustainable Development. Trustee Parliament of the World’s Religions.

Kharayat Hussain Ch - Pakistan

Kharayat Hussain Chaudhary is Vice Chairman of Institute of International Peace Leaders, a politician, philanthropist, and businessman. Mr. Chudhary is also Chairman and Managing Director of Alpine International Group Sialkot. He lived in United States, Saudi Arabia and traveled to many countries for his peace efforts. 


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Frequently Asked Question

The Climate Resilient and Clean Water Solutions side event will take place on Wednesday 22nd March in New York.

Everyone’s welcome. The side event is approved by United Nations for 2023 UN Water Conference. IIPL is focusing on youth and children, business community, climate change activists, representatives of different organizations to be the main participants.

Unless stated explicitly in the event information, the Secretariat do not cover transport costs to and from events. It is your responsibility to arrange transport to and from the event. However, the Secretariat will provide specific information, if necessary, to those attending.

As per instructions of the United Nations, there is no participation fee.  

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