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Author: Ambreen Noor


  • Ambreen Noor

    Ambreen Noor is a dynamic individual recognized as a National Youth Leader representing the Institute of International Peace Leaders. Her Islamic background is Hafiz-e-Quran,Tajweed, Tafseer -ul-Quran and Dars-e-nazami Aaama and many other Islamic Courses.Her academic background includes a graduation in microbiology, where she conducted research on discovering microbes at UVAS Jhang campus. Alongside her scientific pursuits, Ambreen is skilled as an Operation Theater Technician and diagnostic laboratory techniques and is also known for her artistic talents. Driven by a passion for knowledge and innovation, Ambreen aspires to pursue further studies as a researcher in microbiology, aiming to contribute to scientific advancements in her field. Beyond her academic and professional endeavors, she is actively involved in various national and international organizations, channeling her energy towards humanitarian causes and continuously seeking opportunities to enhance her knowledge and skills. With her diverse talents and commitment to personal and societal development, Ambreen Noor embodies a multi-faceted personality poised to make significant contributions to her community and beyond.

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