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Climate Resilient by Areeb ul Haq

Topic : Climate Resilient

“Climate resilient” refers to the ability of a system, whether it be a community, an ecosystem, or an infrastructure, to withstand and recover from the impacts of climate change. Climate resilience is becoming increasingly important as the Earth’s climate is changing rapidly due to human activity, and the effects of climate change are being felt around the world in the form of more frequent and intense natural disasters, sea-level rise, and other impacts.

Workshop on Women Harassment Act and Women Empowerment

Keynote Speckers:
1. Mr. Atta Ur Rehman Chairman IIPL given Welcome Speech to all new induction of IIPL family, Present IIPL Vision / objective and activities during whole year. Pay Special thanks to Mr. Ahsen Mehmood (Founder & CEO) to arrange successful event, he also express Women and girls experience and fear different forms of sexual violence in public spaces, our aim to provide legal support to all victims therefore we are making a team of advocates with women wing who act on reported incident, in near future IIPL develop a Mobile APP for women harassment.

2. Ms. Advocate Asma Shabir (AHC) summarize data and provide research analysis on the incidence of street harassment, she explains basic terms connected to harassment like unwanted comments, gestures, or acts directed at someone in a public space without their consent, she elaborates legal sessions of harassment in the connection of street harassment to other forms of gender – based violence and discrimination of women and describe the individual and social consequences of street harassment. Street harassment is part of a continuum of violence against women with consequences on the individual woman’s well-being and on the whole society that needs to be recognized as a social problem and a form of discrimination. Domestic and workplace violence is now widely recognized as a human rights violation & sexual harassment. It happens on streets, in and around public transportation, schools, workplaces, and parks.

List of Participants of This session:
1. Mr. Saeed Qaimkhani Country Director IIPL.
2. Mr. Shaikh Salman Hussain Province Director IIPL
3. Mr. Syed Imran Ali Divisional Director IIPL
4. Mr. Bilal Naghar Ambassador IIPL
5. Mr. Daniyal Baloch Deputy Director IIPL
6. Mr. Waseem Ahmed Sharwani IIPL
7. Mr. Shahid Tanoli IIPL
8. Mr. Sajjad Hussain IIPL
9. Mr. Khurram Roofi Humanitarian Leader IIPL
10. Ms. Shabnum Rasheed Divisional Director IIPL Women Wing
11. Ms. Sabina Shah Deputy Divisional Director IIPL Women Wing
12. Ms. Jahan Ara IIPL
13. Ms. Hamida
14. Mr. Ahsan Mehmood (Founder and CEO Helping Mind)
15. Mr. Attaullah (Managing Director Helping Mind)
16. Nabeel Hyder (IT Coordinator)
17. Ms Mahnoor Sohail (Psychologist)
18. Ms Jaweria (Volunteer)
19. Mr. Majid Social Activist.
20. Mr. Osama Ansari Educationist.
21. Salman Abro Social Activist.
IIPL women wing form a delegation who will visit schools, colleges, shopping mall and other workplaces to create awareness on women harassment. IIPL launch a mobile application for report the harassment cases. IIPL provide legal support to all harassment victims.