Message by Vice Chairperson

Lady Mya Amarise
Vice Chairperson

Somewhere in the world this moment, a tear is falling on the face of a child: orphaned, hungry, alone, and helpless. That single tear takes a long and endless journey โ€“ a journey from little eyes that have seen too much, across a cheek that has never been gently kissed goodnight, down a jaw-line that longs for nourishment and onto little hands that have never been held that seem to hold the weight of the world. Although our hearts inevitably ache for the thought of her, and we are sad for her, it is by our own doing that she is crying. We should be and should have to come forward to convert these cries into smile, otherwise our coming generations will not forgive us. We have to work to provide education to all and better health care to every child, every women and every human in this World. United Nations is doing best to overcome education and healthcare and climate change issue as per its resources available. We, individually or collectively, should provide helping hand to UN as well to achieve Sustainable Development Goals. For this the priority is peace as without peace, education, health care or this world has no meanings. I am happy to take initiative of Institute of International Peace Leaders to develop a team of International Peace Leaders for better peace and harmony in this world and specially for better future of our coming generations.