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UNDRR - UN Office for Disaster Risk Reduction
the United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction (UNDRR)…

UNDRR has advocated for disaster risk prevention and preparedness for the last two decades. They bring governments, partners and communities together to reduce disaster risk and losses to ensure a safer, more sustainable future. UNDRR’s main objective is the prevention of new and reduction of existing disaster risk, and strengthening resilience through successful multi-hazard disaster risk management.

The nature of our modern world means shocks, stresses and crisis brought about by the interaction between climate change, ecosystem fragility, unplanned urbanization, political or financial instability reverberate globally. People hit hardest are those who have done the least to cause these significant changes – the poorest (UNDRR, 2021).

UNDRR works at understanding risk and risk impact, reducing disaster loss, and preventing the emergence of new risk. They are at the center of the UN system for reducing risk, convening and coordinating risk reduction activities towards a more resilient future, and protecting gains made towards the Sustainable Development Goals.