Plant for Peace - Campaign Description

PLANT FOR PEACE campaign is an initiative of Institute of International Peace Leaders to preserve our nature for inner peace. Pollution is not only effecting human life but also life of other living creatures on this earth.  Plants are not only most sensitive indicators to environmental pollution but to the loss of humanity as well. We must remember that Peace and nature are linked with each other and plants and trees are the basic part of this natural life. Institute of International Peace Leaders believe that by planting more and more, the earth can be saved and humans can get inner peace. the campaign “PLANT FOR PEACE” is initiated with the same belief and idea and to support further UN Sustainable Development Department and European Environment Agency. 

International Peace Leaders shall take this campaign as their responsibility to plant more and more trees. The campaign shall be carried out through participation of Youth, NPO, NGOs, other related institutions, and public sector  

  • K. M. Meyer-Abich’s book Peace with Nature

1)Peace with nature means that human relations with other beings are controlled constitutionally within a community to which not only mankind belongs. Constitutionally restricted and in this sense non-violent, human domination is legitimate.

2) What we are allowed to do depends on who we are. Mankind is the species in which nature emerges to express herself in language, art and reason, and in doing so she moves herself forward with us.

3) How we should relate ourselves to nature also depends on our understanding of nature. Nature basically is acting nature, or creative power, and in this sense equally is the nature of the beings of nature.

4) Some artifacts are more natural and correspond to peace with nature better than others which are unnatural and violate peace with nature. Also in our fellow world, and even apart from man’s influence, nature is whatought to be.

5) The technologically less advanced countries should not repeat the mistakes of the industrialized countries. The traditional pattern of industrial economy cannot be generalized to all peoples and violates peace with nature.

6) Plants are not only most sensitive indicators to environmental pollution but to the loss of humanity as well.

Activities - Plant for Peace