Institute of International Peace Leaders

Promoting Peace & Harmony Creating Awareness of UN SDGs Protecting Human Rights Climate Change Actions

“Institute of International Peace Leaders – IIPL is an international, nonpartisan, independent think tank, basically registered and incorporated in Pakistan – Licence No. 0141143 and UN Geneva – Registration No. 156839/20, UNGM No. 688077; IIPL is dedicated to promote peace and security, interfaith harmony, development and climate change. We believe on the proposition that a world without violent conflict is possible, practical, and essential for global security and without sustainable peace, there is no concept of development, nature and harmony. To achieve its goal, the IIPL brings volunteers around the world and honors them as International Peace Leaders. A blend of policy research, strategic analysis, publishing and collection, IIPL helps develop the skills and knowledge of its International Peace leaders for effectiveness, peace promotion and harmony. International Peace leaders carry out their duties of promoting peace, overcoming conflicts in their  communities, and for the inner peace of their country’s men.”